Your Gateway to Extraordinary Aerial Experiences

We’re much more than a drone company, we’re creators of adventures in the sky, guided by an exceptional vision.

Our Vision

At Humans and Drones, we believe that every place, every event, and every moment has the potential to be transformed by the magic of flight. Our founder, Jean Gabriel Yung, is at the forefront of this vision.

Jean Gabriel Yung
Our Heavenly Architect

Jean Gabriel Yung is much more than a passionate entrepreneur. He embodies the fusion between the audacity of aerial exploration and the sophistication of human creativity. His passion for drone technology and his love of unique experiences were the catalysts behind the creation of Humans and Drones.

Why choose Humans and Drones?

Technical Innovation

With Jean Gabriel Yung at the helm, we integrate the latest technological advances to offer flights that push back the limits of imagination.

Unlimited creativity

Our creative team, led by Jean Gabriel Yung, transforms every flight into an immersive, artistic experience.

Commitment to Excellence

Jean Gabriel Yung's passion for excellence is reflected in every detail of our services, from safety to creativity.


At Humans and Drones, our promise is to transcend expectations. We don’t just offer drone flights, we create unforgettable memories in the air.

Meet Jean Gabriel Yung
and his Team

Jean Gabriel Yung’s passion for aviation and creativity has attracted a diverse team of like-minded professionals. Together, we are committed to delivering experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Contact us

Join us in this aerial adventure. Contact Jean Gabriel Yung and his team at Humans and Drones to turn your flying dreams into reality.

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